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Jorgen Jacobsen web Contact

Jørgen JacobsenCEO manager / co-owner

CL web Contact

Claus LannerSales manager / co-owner

RJ web Contact

Rasmus JacobsenChief accountant / co-owner

karin a andersen web Contact

Karin Aarup AndersenAccountant / reception

BBL 1 Contact

Bruno Brozat LarsenSales engineer / purchaser

Henrik Hansen web Contact

Henrik HansenSales engineer / purchaser

MB web Contact

Mogens B. HenriksenSales engineer / purchaser

jesper byskov web Contact

Jesper B. GjørupSales technician

hanne kloster web Contact

Hanne KlosterHR assistant / reception

lene s nielsen web Contact

Lene S. NielsenTechnician / purchaser

 kenneth poulsen web Contact

Kenneth PoulsenTechnician

MF web Contact

Morten FoliTechnician

kim laursen web Contact

Kim LaursenWarehouse manager

John mikkelsen web Contact

John MikkelsenWarehouse assistant

NN web Contact

Nicolaj Buhl NielsenWarehouse assistant

PS web Contact

Poul SørensenForeman

finn olesen web Contact

Finn OlesenService technician

Marina 1 Contact

Marina AndersenMarketing